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GPS Ski Tracking System

The SlopeTracker™ GPS Ski Tracking System provides a personalized map of your ski day.

For the first time ever, know exactly what kind of monster you are on the slopes. Simply slap on the SlopeTracker arm band and forget about it, and at the end of the day, you’ll receive a personalized map with hard stats that will ‘Prove’ your adventure on the slopes.

By knowing the score, you can track, improve, and excel in your art. Slope-to-slope. Day-to-day. Resort-to-resort. Think of it: for the price of a T-Shirt, braggin’ rights to go!

SlopeTracker: the DNA of your extraordinary snow day.

This amazing new product uses GPS technology to give skiers (and snowboarders) the ability to improve and excel. For the first time, ski resort guests can now track their resort experience. Statistics depicted include number of runs, vertical feet, speed, calories burned, distance traveled, time skied, and terrain difficulty.

At the end of the ski day, skiers and snowboarders who have used the SlopeTracker GPS Ski Tracking service take home a beautiful GPS souvenir map detailing their skiing or snowboarding experience. In making snow tracking possible, SlopeTracker GPS Ski technology has done the impossible by making skiing and snowboarding even better.

The SlopeTracker™ GPS Ski Tracking System allows skiers and snowboarders to keep "score". Skiers and snowboarders now have the ability to use GPS ski technology to evaluate their performance on a slope-to-slope, resort-to-resort, skier-to-skier basis.




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GPS Ski Tracking System