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"You don't have to be an avid skier to get good use out of this device. Creators thought their target crowd would be young guys in their 20s, and it turns out they do love it…. but it turns out there's a lot of business from 60-year-old women. A lot of business from kids."
"The SlopeTracker map shows exactly how your day on the slope went, and more importantly, especially after the holidays, how many calories you burned… basically using this armband GPS unit, and satellites high in orbit, it can pin-point your whole day on the slope."
Denver KMGH-TV (abc)
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Denver KUSA-TV (nbc)
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"It shows everywhere you've gone," said snowboarder Alyssa Berry. "It can tell you how good you are compared to everyone else who has used it."  
"If you're bragging to your friends how many black diamonds you can ski, SlopeTracker will give you the stats to prove it.
DenverKCNC-TV (cbs)
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Headline News / RSN
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"The skiing [in Colorado] is amazing.
It's going to leave you with some great memories. Now you can hang those memories on the wall."
The Weather Channel
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Print Stories - Newspaper articles about SlopeTracker GPS Ski Tracking System

  • Summit Daily News - Summit County -- "There’s one-souvenir skiers and snowboarders can bring home from a day on the hill that will upstage any photo or T-shirt." more

  • Snow Journal - Colorado -- "A unique new self-diagnostic tool for techno-junkies." more

  • Rocky Mountain News - Copper Mountain -- "Kirk Provart is just another skier who has grown tired of listening to his buddies boast. 'Things like, ‘Oh man, I did 18 runs today’ or ‘Man, I was on the black diamonds all morning’ is what I hear,' said Provart. 'So now they have this thing that keeps track?' Indeed.'" more



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