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Who Are We?

Two Founders - Ken Rivera & Jay Casper, Plus New Friends (below)

Ken Rivera and Jay Casper

The most important thing to know about our company is this: we’re lifelong friends who have spent more than 25 years on the slopes together. Prior to the creation of Sport Stats, Inc., Ken Rivera was a high-level sales and marketing executive who had been employed by the largest industrial, specialty and medical gas companies in the world. Ken Rivera's ability to combine his grasp of the technical with his proven leadership abilities made him one of the most sought-after professionals in his field.

Ken Rivera's long-time friend and inventor of SlopeTracker, Jay Casper, first became fascinated with GPS technology when he was a Naval aviator. Since leaving the service, he has been marketing director for several high-profile companies, including Qwest, before following his passion and realizing his vision with the development of SlopeTracker.

By assembling a group of associates with expertise in technology and service, Ken Rivera and Jay Casper are, frankly, riding their lifelong dream: sharing the joy, the thrill, and the sense of fun that comes from spending the day on a mountain of snow.

Other facts:

  • Sport Stats’ core business is to design, develop, and exploit GPS technology.
  • Sport Stats is privately owned and based in Denver, Colorado. Additional offices are located in Park City, Utah; Brian Head, Utah; and Hafjell, Norway.
  • Sport Stats is already looking beyond this market to applying its technology to mountain biking, golf, hiking, bicycling, and opening the world of GPS technology to other sport enthusiasts.

SlopeTracker Europe

In 2006, Sport Stats, Inc., the software company that developed and operates the SlopeTracker GPS tracking system, announced the opening of SlopeTracker Hafjell in Norway (host site of skiing events in the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics).

SlopeTracker Europe is a direct extension of Sport Stats, Inc. The European expansion is currently managed by its President and Founder, Mick Rasmussen.

Mr. Rasmussen brings a GPS-rich background to SlopeTracker. He has an advanced degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and has years of experience in the GPS device industry.

Mick Rasmussen - President - SlopeTracker Europe

Direct all European SlopeTracker operations and sales questions to Mr. Rasmussen. His direct contact information is listed below:

SlopeTracker Europe A/S
Lillehammer Kunnskapspark
Phone: +47 958 12 437
Fax: +47 61 25 28 27


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