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The tool that proves success.

Getting the instructors involved is a key element to SlopeTracker’s success—and easy to do because
it’s a win-win proposition.

“Before we get started, let me tell you about Park City

Instructors will willingly become one-on-one marketers for your SlopeTracker. They will have heard the success stories of other instructors – how it makes them better instructors, how it increases their tips. With every lesson they
give, they encourage the skier to use SlopeTracker.

“I was able to rent 37 today.”
A “kickback” or points/reward system to further encourage instructors to get
involved will make the program more successful on all levels.

“I want a session with Dylan Jackson. My friend had him and showed me this map of the amazing results she got by taking lessons from him.”
Instructors will quickly understand that by handing over tangible, empirical
proof of the student’s success, it will endear the student to that instructor
and spread good word of mouth.


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