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The easy sell

Through a variety of mediums, the message that SlopeTracker is something the snow rider must have is disseminated and reinforced to your guests.

The Sports Stats cooperative marketing program ensures that SlopeTracker will be on the mind and lips of every skier and snowboarder who visits your resort.

The cooperative marketing program is divided
into two key components:

1. It’s a perk offered to the top 3%-5% of the resort’s clientele—the “VIP” members. When snow riders call in to make a reservation, SlopeTracker is included in their overall package with the minimum charge of $25 added to the bill. Then their SlopeTracker arm band is waiting for them in their room, along with the map from their previous stay.

These clients quickly respond to the opportunity and see that the $25 cost on their bill is insignificant when compared to the value SlopeTracker adds to their resort experience. And because it’s positioned in the market as a luxury for the resort’s VIPs, it’ll inherently make it more attractive to all the other snow riders.

Non-VIP snow riders will have multiple opportunities to be exposed to the benefits of SlopeTracker.

The Proven SlopeTracker Marketing Program includes:

Short Films. Several short, professionally produced films and animations will be made available to be run on monitors at your resort distribution centers, in the bars and restaurants, and in-room.

Mannequins. An official SlopeTracker Mannequin will be provided. He’s wearing only boxers and a SlopeTracker wristband. The sign says: “SlopeTracker is the only snow-riding accessory I need.” (This will mirror an ad campaign that will be placed in ski and airline magazines.)

Placemats. The DNA of the snow rider’s extraordinary day is available to the resort restaurant and bars. This is a proven technique to make snow riders aware of SlopeTracker.

Postcards and Flyers. Information about how fun SlopeTracker is, will be included with every resort mailing.

Resort Employees & Volunteers. Ambassadors / Mountain Hosts wear the SlopeTracker armband when giving guided tours. Tour guests are invited to purchase a copy of the group's SlopeTracker poster for $5. Resort employees are incented to give guests $5 off SlopeTracker coupons.

Publicity. SlopeTracker is genuinely newsworthy. Our public relations campaign has garnered astonishing exposure through such publications as Denver Post, Snow Journal, Boulder Daily Camera, and Rocky Mountain News in addition to national television stations like Weather Channel and headline news.

And much more. But again, the beauty of SlopeTracker is that it is its own best marketing tool. The map on the cubicle wall, the T-shirts and sweatshirts, the individual posters—never before have your guests been able to measure fun, and never before have your guests had such a stunning visual to accompany the story of their extraordinary snow day.


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